10 cool apps for iPhone you shouldn’t miss (Part 3)

7. AlarmMon – The cutest alarm app

AlarmMon is a super cute alarm app with a fun alarm screen and interface that will make you laugh every time the alarm goes off. To set an alarm, press the plus button, choose one of two modes: Quick alarm and Alarm (common alarm):

+ Quick alarm: Set an alarm as a countdown timer from the present time. Just select hours, minutes, press OK and this great app for iPhone will calculate the alarm time. Then the alarm time will be displayed with the clock dial. When the watch completes its rotation, the alarm is automatically activated.

+ Alarm: You choose for yourself a funny alarm character in Character like cat, chicken, flower,… These characters will be divided into groups like Noisy (loud alarm), Quiet (silent alarm), Voice,… are rich, and you can download more for free from the online library. When you have found a character like that, click Choose. Next, you choose the alarm time, the date of the alarm (Repeat), and click the link Use additional function to add options such as Type (alarm by sound or vibrate the device), Snooze (enable/disable alarm extension), Alarm color (choose color), enter the content displayed on the alarm screen in Memo box, then click Save to save. This is one of the good applications for iPhone 6s and is a good application for iPhone 7 which is used by a lot of people.

8. Gifstory (Free)

As its name suggests, this app lets you record quick GIF animations for easy sharing. After taking the pictures, you can choose the play speed, direction, and apply a filter to make the animations look more beautiful and vivid.

9. Mobcrush

This is a pretty similar application to Twitch for mobile devices including phones and tablets. It helps the user to have an overview of the applications on their device. So if you want to show and manage all the best and best apps on your phone, use Mobcrush.

10. Hyper

After learning about your food preferences, Hyper will provide you with the best morning food videos. The clips are automatically downloaded every night, so you can watch them offline while on the go without worrying about weakening or losing connection. The application’s user interface is also quite smooth and beautiful.

Hopefully, the following 10 great applications for iPhone will help you in your work and entertainment most effectively!