Bluetooth should only be used when you need

Bluetooth is a useful tool, but should only be used when you need it.

Recently, on the Internet, there have been some articles saying that Bluetooth is not good and you should stop using it immediately. Accordingly, Bluetooth is said to be very vulnerable to hackers to steal data, or even sabotage devices using this type of connection in many different ways.


However, do not rush to throw your Bluetooth headset for a few hundred dollars. Bluetooth is not so bad that you have to stop using it. That is probably impossible as the current headphone jack is disappearing, and the number of devices using Bluetooth as the main protocol for connecting headsets is increasing. If you want to be safe, you can simply turn Bluetooth off when not in use.

There are a few things people worry about when using Bluetooth, and wireless security is one of them. Sophisticated attacks on a large scale can occur, affecting millions of phones through a weapon of Bluetooth connectivity. Always updating software promptly, not installing untrusted applications, and accepting to sacrifice a few small utilities in exchange for security capabilities are what you should try to do whenever possible. But you should also know that there are not always hackers sitting in bars, with hidden laptops, to create man-in-the-middle attacks (interfering with the transfer process) targeting devices connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Hackers are real, and they may have been sitting in a bar, trying to steal passwords and usernames through sophisticated network hijack methods. But most of the time, wherever you meet most people don’t know and own tools that can steal all your data via Bluetooth. The press doesn’t say too much when it warns you – only their advice about not using Bluetooth properly if you’re attending events like a security conference full of black hat hackers term. If not, you will probably never encounter someone who wants to hack your phone.