Deploy apps for businesses using Google Play

A managed version of Google Play is used by businesses and their employees to access a rich ecosystem of productivity and work apps.

Android’s built-in management features let IT admins manage all of the dedicated work devices. For personal and company-owned devices used for personal and business use, the administrator can create and manage a separate work profile. Apps in Managed Google Play are installed in the work profile, giving the administrator full control over apps and app data. All applications and data outside of the work profile remain private for the user.

Businesses can also use Managed Google Play to securely deploy a range of free apps for their employees and a bulk purchase license for paid apps.

Managed Google Play and Android in the enterprise offer great opportunities for developers from several domains, including:

  • Software Vendors and ISVs: Independent companies that develop software products or services to sell or distribute to businesses.
  • Agency Developers and Systems Integrators (SI): Companies develop custom software or sell custom, request-based services, and solutions that a business provides.
  • Developers within the enterprise: Developers will work within the enterprise with the aim of creating software and solutions for internal distribution.

Google Play – a secure application distribution platform

This platform has a proven track record in minimizing the risk of Potentially Harmful Apps (PHA) installed on Android devices. The Android One-Year Review, published on the Google Security Blog, found that devices that install proprietary apps from Google Play, rather than from unknown sources, have a much lower risk.

Google Play and Android work together to make the user experience on Android safe by scanning every app released on Google Play for malware and security vulnerabilities. Google Play also ensures that app updates are always signed by the original developer, avoiding app intrusions.

Google Play makes it easy to roll out app updates. Automatic updates are enabled by default on any Android device with Google Play installed. Just release your app update through the Google Play Console, and Google Play will do the rest automatically.

It may take a few days for your apps to be updated on all devices. This is because Google Play waits for the optimal time to update the app, such as when the device is charging or connected to Wi-Fi.