Facebook Messenger Dietary Supplements Do Not Need Camera Portrait Photography And Dual Sticker AR

The newest update of Facebook Messenger helps the old iPhone photograph with portrait mode without dual cameras.

On December 17, Facebook has announced a series of new camera features for your Messenger applications. In addition to support for more video formats, this social network Boomerang iteration also brings to the Selfie mode automatically helps fade background and features the augmented reality (AR) allows you to add a sticker of the Messenger in pictures and videos.

The updates for cameras to be launched just two months after Facebook announced a new user interface design for the whole of the Messenger application, with featured highlights is the minimalist.

Thủ thuật - Tiện ích - Facebook thêm tính năng Boomerang trên Messenger, chế độ Selfie mới

Facebook announced that their Messenger application has been improved with some new features such as camera focus mode to selfie and support the Boomerang. Moreover, the Messenger users will be able to add sticker AR (augmented reality) in photos and videos.

The important update for the Apple fans. Especially for users who are in possession of the old iPhone that doesn’t support Portrait mode (introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus). Even if your iPhone does not have dual camera, Messenger can still take pictures selfie with the effect of the Portrait mode with the support from the software.

Thủ thuật - Tiện ích - Facebook thêm tính năng Boomerang trên Messenger, chế độ Selfie mới (Hình 2).

You just make sure that you selected the Selfie mode (new)from 5 different camera modes that Messenger does give to users. These features include: normal, text, videos, boomerang and selfie.

Besides the private supporting for video Boomerang, the page The Verge said that, recently Facebook Messenger does allow users to click thecamera icon next to a sticker to add it as object AR. This is an extension for a feature already available called the AR effects, it gives users the right to access to mark selfie or other effects.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, the new features of Messenger will be offered for the majority of users worldwide in October, including 17/12 with both of the redesigned applications and older versions of Messenger.

All of the new features to be announced will be deployed worldwide for both the Android and iOS devices today. You will receive this update regardless of whether you have installed the redesigned applications or older version on your phone.