Facebook redesigned the user interface on the computer browser

Recently, Facebook has redesigned the user interface on the computer browser. This is a very special change of Facebook in the beginning of the year 2020.

In April 2019, the social networking site Facebook for the first time revealed its intention to update the interface for the desktop version. And this interface can be put into use in April.

The new interface for the desktop browser version is promised to be launched in April and has now been adopted by some Facebook users.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Facebook thiết kế lại giao diện dùng trên trình duyệt máy tính

The last interface design that the social network is using according to the developer’s comments is getting old and not very tidy. So the upcoming version will be more beautiful, remove many colorful components and the side navigation bar is quite messy. Many users will have access to the new interface in the next few months.

The new interface will have a design similar to the Facebook interface on mobile platforms. Perhaps for some people who are loyal to the older interface, it may not be possible to apply the new interface to their personal page when it is launched.

This week, a small number of Facebook users saw the new design, and they had the opportunity to test it before it became more widely available to users around the world. Facebook calls this “The New Facebook”.

According to CNET, users who are granted access to the new interface will receive an invitation to participate in a test to change the interface. When users have to agree to participate, the current interface will be replaced with the new version. In addition, they can also experience the dark background interface (Dark Mode), this is a move that Facebook is also responding to the popular Dark Mode movement.

The plan is expected to gradually expand to more users over the next few months, after Facebook introduces a new logo.