Google Maps Is Integrated The Chat Feature, Making This App Overload

Perhaps it is the fact that Google Maps is more and more like Facebook because it has so many features that makes most of users can not remember.

9to5Google said that the giant searcher has just integrated a new feature into the map application – Google Maps. It was messaging businesses feature. Users of iOS and Android can click the messages button in the left upper corner to message with the businesses or companies which are appearing on map of Google Maps.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Google Maps

This may seem like a very useful feature. Because of not a few times users try looking for a restaurant or a food shop on Google Maps, and then they want to ask a few questions like “Has your store closed or not?” or “Do your store has delivery service or not?”. So messaging businesses feature can help users a lot in this case.

However, one thing is quite confusing, it seems like Google can not stop constantly launching brand new messaging applications, while the major messaging platforms are still a mess. Hangouts was dead, Allo is being paused, while the breakthrough messaging platform is Google Chat has not been debuted and supported from cellular networks.

Google Maps được tích hợp thêm tính năng chat, khiến cho ứng dụng bản đồ này quá tải - Ảnh 2.

Currently, there is a big question in mind of people who love technology. This is “What is happening with Google Maps?”. We can not deny the truth that the best application map of the whole world is becoming overloaded, with many new features and improved the design that are all unnecessary.

Google Maps được tích hợp thêm tính năng chat, khiến cho ứng dụng bản đồ này quá tải - Ảnh 3.

Google Maps has a Group Planning to build plan, has a small social network with the following buttons for enterprises, has a new tab “Explore” and now is a button to chat with the stores. It feels like Google wants to make its map application to become a real business platform where businesses and shops can promote, communicate with their customers. And perhaps in the near future, you can order food for delivery, or purchase anything on Google Maps.