How to block ads on Google Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome as a mobile browser, this simple trick will help limit your ads from being displayed on the screen.

This tip does not require the user to root the phone or install any third-party applications. Reducing the number of ads will save mobile data and increase the experience of surfing the web.

Unlike third-party ad blocking utilities, this feature only prevents ads that are offensive to users. Google hopes this will help improve page load speed while still not reducing ad revenue.

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First, install or update the Google Chrome browser on your phone to the latest version at or -ios.

When you’re done, tap the address bar and type chrome: // flags, then press Enter. Next, users just need to find the Async DNS Resolver and set it to Disable, finally click Relaunch to restart the application and apply the changes.

Once Google Chrome has reopened, enter the command chrome: // net-internals and wait a while until the application finishes loading. After that, users just need to click on DNS and select Clear host cache.

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While we can’t guarantee that this tip will stop all ads, it can help reduce the number of ads you see on the web.

In case you use Chrome browser on your computer, you can access the website that needs to block ads, then click the padlock icon in front of the address (for sites using HTTPS) or optionally. Not Secure (for sites that use HTTP) and select Site Settings.

Next, navigate to the Ads section and set to Block if you want to block ads. Conversely, if the ad blocker interferes with the content of the website or the display, the user only needs to change to Allow.

Note, for those who are using the Google Chrome browser on the phone, you just need to click on the three dot icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings – Site Settings – Ads and activate Ads options.

Basically, the default ad blocker on Google Chrome does not remove the entire ad, instead it only blocks content that is offensive and affects the user experience.