How to block bad website access with Chrome browser

Do you find yourself spending too much time on Facebook, YouTube or other useless websites? Perhaps this is the time you should refer to this article.

Based on Howtogeek’s recommendation, you should use the Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome extension, which is freely available from Chrome’s app store, to block unwanted websites. You can use the extension’s simple options to define a list of sites to be blocked, and you can even set redirects for blocked sites.

Of course, it’s not perfect, because you can set up and revise this list in the settings of the Block Site utility. Unless you turn on password protection, anyone can bypass this barrier. Obviously this is not a way to control access in an organization or for your children, because they are easy to edit.


If you do not want an extension like Block Site to run on every site you visit, you can set the permissions for the Chrome extension itself to restrict its access.

How to block websites that are harmful to children?

The Block Site extension for Chrome is effective if you want to control yourself, but can’t use it to block access to malicious websites for your children, because it can be easily edited at Chrome extension manager.

Many Wi-Fi routers come with web-blocking features and of course, it’s better than the Chrome extension. If your router supports this feature, enable them and then no one on your home Wi-Fi network will have access to the blocked website. Of course, people can still use a virtual private network or proxy to circumvent and access blocked websites.


In addition, you can use parental control software that is built-in on computers or by third parties. For example, the Family for Families features in Windows 10 will allow you to block websites based on your child’s account. On Mac, the Screen Time feature added on macOS Catalina will allow you to restrict access to specific websites. On Chromebook OS, you can use Family Link to control the websites your child’s account can access.