Huawei wants to follow Apple to protect the environment

After removing the charger included with the iPhone, Apple seems to have started a new trend.

Not long ago, Samsung was said to not be equipped with a charger in the box of Galaxy S21 products released next year. And Huawei could be the next big thing to imitate Apple.

According to the latest report from ITHome, future Huawei products will not come with chargers. Huawei polled users to see what they think about the USB Type-C charging cable it is equipped with in the box, whether it is necessary and whether users will change their decision to buy if the product does not come with a charging cable.

Although there were no phones mentioned in the survey, this could be seen as a move that paved the way for Huawei’s charger removal.

Before that, Apple also surveyed users to find out what they do with old chargers, and then stop equipping the charger in the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE box before doing the same with the iPhone.

Apple claims its new move is part of the campaign chain to protect the environment, but at the same time, it is undeniable that Apple itself is profitable in cutting costs and earning more profits.

On the other hand, the removal of bundled accessories helped Apple’s wireless headset sales grow.

If Huawei and Samsung really move towards a future where accessories are stopped, then it is likely that this will be a new trend in the mobile industry.

However, this trend may come under criticism from users because cutting out accessories in the box does not mean reducing prices. Typically Apple with the latest iPhone 12 line, it has not reduced prices but even increased higher than previous generations.

For its part, Samsung has posted a photo mocking Apple for removing the charger from the iPhone 12 box. However, after the information that the Galaxy S21 removed the charger was leaked, the above image has been deleted and proves that the rumor is valid.