Huawei’s operating system can run Android apps faster than on Android

On May 19, following the orders of the US Government, Google withdrew Huawei’s Android license.

This means that Huawei can only integrate the open source version of Android (AOSP) into its future smartphones, the absence of the Play Store app store and Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Maps… Huawei’s current smartphones will no longer receive new Android updates.

As mentioned above, theoretically, Huawei can still use Android, but clearly on the long term, Huawei cannot rely on Android forever. Therefore, Huawei has developed its own operating system, not recently but since 2012.


After being cut off by Google, more leaked information about Huawei’s operating system was revealed. This operating system is called “Hongmeng OS” and according to the CEO, this operating system supports not only smartphones but also computers.

Recently, according to the Chinese publication, Caijing, Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer goods CEO, has added some new information about the operating system that the group is developing.

Richard Yu said that the operating system will be compatible with all applications of Android nowadays. Not only that, if the Android application is recompiled to run on Huawei’s operating system, the application will give performance up to 60%. It is known that this is achieved because Huawei’s operating system uses a new microkernel architecture.


Huawei’s operating system will not only be limited to smartphones and computers like the original information, but it will also be available on tablets, TVs, cars and smart wearable devices. Finally, the earliest scheduled time for this operating system to appear is in the fall of this year and no later than the following spring (2020).

In addition to the above information, Huawei’s operating system still contains many great unknowns. Even though Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer all over the world, few people still have doubts about the success of the operating system which is developed by this Chinese corporation. iOS and Android now account for nearly 98% of the mobile operating system market share and almost no room for a third operating system.

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