Indian lawmakers accused Tik Tok of spreading pornographic content

The Indian government listened to the lawmakers’ complaints and could ban Tik Tok.

Recently, some Indian lawmakers have argued that the use of Tik Tok makes young Indian adults and adults involved in cultural degradation. Therefore, they asked the Indian government to take measures to prevent Tik Tok.

It seems that the Indian government has listened. And M. Manikandan, the director of information technology in Tamil Nadu, India, said that the state government has issued a recommendation to ban Tik Tok. The legislator Nagapattinam Thamimun Ansari also added: “I have reported to community welfare officials that Tik Tok is becoming the foundation for discussions, political debate and sharing pornography”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tik Tok

Concerns about harmful and extreme content spreading on Tik Tok are not new. Users around the world have encountered many different extreme content when using this application, including anti-Jewish, racist content… Indian lawmakers began to pay special attention to Tik Tok after appearing many reports of porn and bullying videos. In December 2018, 36 Indian teenagers called the hotline to reflect on the online threat on Tik Tok. Even an Indian youth committed suicide after being bullied on video posted on Tik Tok.

This problem not only affects Indian users and most users Tik Tok lives in India and Asian countries. According to January statistics, the application Tik Tok has 20 million users in India alone. Tik Tok said that he will hire an official to handle problems in India to better coordinate with law enforcement agencies.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tik Tok

“We have strong measures to protect users from abuse, including mechanisms that allow users to easily report content that violates community terms and policies to law enforcement agencies”, the representative Tik Tok declared.

In spite of this, Ansari said that if the Indian government did not prohibit Tik Tok, he and his group will follow this case until better regulations are introduced.