Suggest the best music player on Android when off screen

Are you trying to find a music player software on Android when you turn off the screen for your phone but have not seen it yet? Then take a look at our suggestion.


It is not natural that TeaTube is voted by young people as one of the best music software for Android. Because it is thanks to:

  • Music player function even when phone screen is turned off or locked
  • Automatically update the latest and hottest songs on Youtube
  • Suggestions for each genre of music suitable for the listener’s emotions and moods
  • Search for songs simply and easily
  • Rich and diverse music store like Youtube or in other words: What is on Youtube, TeaTube has Korea, China, Thailand to Latin America
  • Smart music player: repeat playback 1 time, repeat playback many times, shuffle …
  • Self-timer setting
  • Audio quality setting depends on wifi, 3G, 4G signal …
  • Low capacity so it doesn’t consume much phone space
  • Free Download
  • No need to login, no need to create an account, so everyone can use it
  • Use multiple apps at the same time without worrying about app crashing out
Gợi ý các phần mềm nghe nhạc trên Android khi tắt màn hình tốt nhất 1

YouTube Red

Youtube Red is an application provided by Youtube, which helps users to watch videos without being bothered by ads.

To watch videos on Youtube Red, users will have to pay a fee to be able to save these videos offline and watch them even when offline. In addition, with this application, users can also hear video audio even when the application is closed.

Gợi ý các phần mềm nghe nhạc trên Android khi tắt màn hình tốt nhất 3

However, you can download Youtube Red for free – an extremely cool Android music player in the way below.

Go to Settings> Security> Activate the item “Install unknown apps”.

After downloading, install as usual. After the installation is complete, you continue to download and install the following support tools (help login Google account on the application):

Once installed, a new YouTube app will appear, similar to the YouTube app you’re currently using. How to listen to music when turning off the screen on this tool is quite simple, you just need to select the video to watch> Press Play> Screen off and enjoy.

Above we have introduced 2 music player software on Android when turning off the best screen today for you to choose to use. If you know any more good apps, please comment below the article.