The reason why American students use Google Docs to chat more than Messenger

When the Skyler school students want to talk to friends in the classroom, they won’t scribble a few words on a piece of paper and pass it around the room. They will use Google Docs.

The popularity of laptops used in middle and high schools is increasing, with teachers using Google Docs to support homework and helping students track their study plans. However,students use this tool to talk privately behind their teacher.

Teenagers say they use Google Docs to chat at any time without a phone and know their friends are also online on their computers. Sometimes, they will use the application’s live-chat feature, a feature that is not open by default, but many teachers don’t even know its existence. Or no, they will take advantage of Google to allow users to hightlight words or phrases, then comment on the pop-up box on the right: Students double the folder the teacher shares, then chat into the section comment, making the outsider look at can only see that they are taking notes in the lesson. If the teacher approaches, they just need to click on the Resolve button, and so the whole conversation will disappear.

Teen Mỹ dùng Google Docs để chat nhiều hơn cả Messenger, ra là để qua mắt bố mẹ và giáo viên - Ảnh 1.

If the lesson is not an editable folder, students simply create a shared file, then chat each line as if writing a paragraph. “Each person will create a new page and chat under the different font, so we can still distinguish”, Skyler insisted. At the end of the lesson, the students only need to delete the doc file, or resolve all comments. Rarely do people save files as in the previous generations, keeping messages from friends.

Google Docs chat not only used to bypass teachers’ eyes, but also to deceive parents. When everyone logged in to do homework in the old days, the Google Docs chat frame also started to work. The whole group of students will work together in the doc file, while parents believe that their children are doing group exercises at school. According to a topic on Reddit in February, chatting on Google Docs is the best way to get rid of a parent’s ban on social networking.

Teen Mỹ dùng Google Docs để chat nhiều hơn cả Messenger, ra là để qua mắt bố mẹ và giáo viên - Ảnh 2.

Like note sheets, most Google Docs chat content is quite popular. Young people use it to talk about what happens at school, plan a prom, chat, flirt, even bully others. Bark – aparent application that can be used to manage children’s phone use, warned parents about their children poking fun at other kids on Google Docs: “They put together They either write hurt words in the file share on Google Doc, on the other hand, they also create a separate file, inviting people to contribute to say bad things, except for the subject being teased”. However, young people think that this situation rarely occurs. “People just speak badly about teachers, or about everyday life. This app seems boring but this is the only way for us to text each other”, Skyler said.

Teen Mỹ dùng Google Docs để chat nhiều hơn cả Messenger, ra là để qua mắt bố mẹ và giáo viên - Ảnh 3.

Although Google Docs can be the hottest chat app for middle and high school students, most teen Americans leave it when they enter college.