This is an anti-Covid-19 application from Apple and Google

The alliance with billions of Apple and Google users has revealed the official interface of the tracking application, which is expected to change the battle with Covid-19.

Apple and Google have shared more information about their automatic warning system, which helps track down people infected with Covid-19. Introduced from April 10, the system has not yet been named.

This feature uses low-power Bluetooth signals, allowing phones to recognize and exchange secret keys when users are near each other. This system will only be applied during the season, and when the epidemic ends it will be immediately closed.

Day la ung dung chong Covid-19 cua Apple va Google hinh anh 1 apple_Covid_19_app.jpg

According to the newly published interface image, when suspected close contact with people identified with Covid-19 infection, the system will automatically display a notice to the user. The notice indicates possible contact with an infected person within 14 days, and instructs them to contact health authorities for assistance.

Besides, this application also features “alert people around”. Accordingly, the recipient of a positive result can actively enter the test code, time of testing and share his / her secret code so that the system alerts those who have had close contact.

In addition to interface images, the development team also shares tools so government groups and health agencies can integrate with this app. Sharing with The Verge, the representative of the development team said that this system will be provided directly to developers, not released as an application.

Day la ung dung chong Covid-19 cua Apple va Google hinh anh 2 apple_Covid_19_app_2.jpg

The development team also declined to share partnerships, but said many governments were interested because it was the only solution that allowed access to Bluetooth connectivity on smartphones at a system level.

On April 18, the Ministry of Information and Communications also introduced a tracing and community protection application called Cozone-19 called Bluezone. In the same way, Bluezone-installed smartphones can communicate with each other within a distance of 2m, recording close contact, when and for how long.

If F0 is available, the competent health authority will enter F0 data into the system. The system will send F0 data to all smartphones in the Bluezone community. At that time, the history of exposure to F0 will be compared by Bluezone on the analyzer. If there is a match, the application will immediately warn users of the risk of Covid-19 infection.